Once upon a time… early 90's when, "a little" younger, we chased our passion for men's fashion, opening our first store. A dream came true. The love for the unique style, for the excellent quality and the modern designs, proved to be a sticky germ that we happily transmitted to each of our customers.

Millennium ... our company, the SHOP GUIDE, is now established in the consciousness of men and women, loyal followers of our stylistic proposals, opening two new stores in Chalandri and Arta. To satisfy the desires and expectations of both our own and our most demanding customers, we made dozens of trips to the largest fashion shows abroad. Every time, looking for collaborations with the most famous, high quality and unique brands such as DSQUARED, KARL LAGERFELD, Ted Baker and many more.

Today… with the fundamental belief that customers are looking for not only products, but complete experiences, the SHOP GUIDE continues to be a pioneer in the fashion world. And because you asked us to, we created it, Our new separate store, which has no limits, borders and restrictions! A store that fits you all, aims to satisfy your every stylistic concern and make you feel the ultimate SHOP GUIDE experience.