Payment methodsής 


  • Cash on delivery (Valid for shipments within Greece)

The customer pays the price to the employee of GENERAL POST when delivering the order at his place. The order is accompanied either by a retail receipt or an invoice depending on your choice, when registering the order. Invoice is issued to companies and freelancers provided that the following information is completed: Company name, VAT number, Tax Office. as well as the profession, as regards the self-employed. 


  • The orders  of a total value of 500 and above to individuals, based on par. 3 of article 20 of law 3842/2010, are repaid by their buyers exclusively by the use of card payment methods or other electronic means of payment (bank deposit). You do NOT allow the payment of orders in cash.


  • By credit or debit card 

All his transactions carried out through its secure environment NATIONAL BANK . The credit-debit cards that are accepted are Visa, Master Card and Maestro.

Your purchases in the online store are completely safe. The company will never know the details of your card or account. After completing the necessary information for registering the order and accepting the terms of use of the website, the customer will be automatically transferred to the secure website - environment of the partner bank (e-commerce National Bank), where he will be able to fill in directly the details of his card.

In order to complete the transaction, the customer must fill in the relevant form the exact holder name, number and expiration date of the card, as well as the three-digit number (CVV-CVC-CID), located on the back of the card. Our store has taken all the necessary measures for the security of your transactions. All payments made using a card are processed through the electronic payment platform  e-Commerce "of the National Bank and uses TLS 1.1 encryption with 128-bit encryption protocol (Secure Sockets Layer - SSL). Encryption is a way of encrypting the information until it reaches its intended recipient, who can decrypt using the appropriate key.


  • By deposit in a bank account 

 Payment can be made by bank deposit in one of the partner banks of the company. In this case, your order will be on standby and will be shipped once your deposit appears (usually after 2-3 business days). If the deposit is not made within 3 days, the order is automatically canceled. Please indicate your name and / or your order number in the reason for the deposit. For more immediate service you can send us the receipt of the banking transaction, and as soon as your transaction appears, the order will be sent.

The user can deposit the amount in one of the following bank accounts:

National Bank  : GR 6701101780000017800638193

Beneficiary Name: KFM SHOP GUIDE & CO. EU 

ALPHA BANK : GR 5501401450145002320006644

Beneficiary Name: KFM SHOP GUIDE & CO. EU


(Possible Bank Transfer Costs are borne by the Depositor)